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Cross Generational Solutions to Tackle Some of Business' Toughest Challenges

We are a company focused on providing high quality, reasonably priced consulting services.  Our services include management consulting, strategic planning & execution, change management, project management and process improvement.

CrossGen Solutions is so named as it brings highly skilled and experienced senior level consultants and junior level consultants together to research, develop alternate solutions and execute for our customers.  Our culture is truly based upon the expectation that junior level consultants bring as much to the table as the most seasoned veteran as their value is in looking at issues from a different perspective.  Both generations work together to bring forth unique yet realistic and actionable solutions to solve our client's business challenges.

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CrossGen Solutions Service Offerings


Does your organization have a known issue that has not been able to be resolved by internal resources or other consultants?  Is there something that is not going well but can't quite articulate it?  Please contact us.

Strategy, structure, management and operations are the primary drivers of our management consulting offering.  Our consulting engagements provide practical insights and realistic solutions to help our clients improve their performance and grow their business.  Although we are aware of industry best practices, we also recognize that they may not always work for every client organization.  Each client engagement is managed as a unique entity without preconceived ideas leading to poor outcomes.  Our management consultants have expertise in two or more of our other service offerings enabling them to drive practical solutions.


Every organization requires numerous business processes be executed to successfully deliver its products and services.  Do you have a process that is operating sub-optimally but not sure how to fix it?  Most processes evolve over time.  Have you taken the time to ensure they are still efficient?  If not, please contact us.

Business process improvement (BPI) does not just happen in organizations, it takes concentrated effort to identify inefficiencies and address them.  An experienced BPI analyst observes business processes in action and determine which ones are the most likely to drive the highest rates of improvement.  Our team members have had success improvements as high as 80%.  Please note: this is not a guarantee that this type of improvement is possible in your processes.  However, image what your organization could accomplish if you were able to make improvements of 20%, 40% or 60% in some of your most frequent business processes.  Our consultants will determine the best process improvement discipline (Lean, Kaizen, Six Sigma, etc.) to drive a successful business process changes.  Note: if you are a manufacturing firm looking to cut seconds from your processes, we recommend contacting a boutique Six Sigma expert organization as this is not our area of expertise.


Are you leading a successful company but want to take it to the next level but don't know quite how to do it?  Are you losing market share or revenue and profits are declining?  Please contact us.

Clearly defining business objectives and assessing the internal and external environment are necessary to formulate a realistic strategic plan.  There are a number of strategic planning approaches.  Our consultants will determine which model is best by discussing the purpose of the strategic plan with leadership, reviewing corporate culture, and what type planning was previous done.  Upon creation of the strategic plan, we offer to assist and/or monitor the execution of the plan and adjust the plan as necessary to achieve the desired outcome.


Although we do have certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) on staff, our main focus is to utilize our project management (PM) team members in the execution of our other service offerings.  Therefore, each project management team member has experience in one or more of the other service offerings.

Regardless of the focus of the initiatives, our PMs follow standard PMI methodology to significantly increase the success rate.  Our consultants continuously monitor scope, time, budget, quality and risks and communicate any concerns timely and appropriately.  Our PM team is able to lead business, technical and combined projects, programs and portfolios.  They work in partnership with the other service offering leaders to successfully deliver for our clients.  The PMs are also trained in aspects of change management as projects require people to be executed successfully.


Is your organization needing to implement a change at the enterprise, organizational or individual level?  Have there been unsuccessful change initiatives but must be successful this time?  Please contact us.

There is a psychology of change that must be acknowledged and managed for any change within an organization.  Unsuccessful initiatives are often the result leadership not recognizing the need for people to navigate through the change process.  People are required to be successful in change initiatives.  The goal is to recognize and then move people through the change phases a quickly as possible.  When making any change within an organization, regardless of size, all impacted people including leaders will go through a change curve.  We assist leaders with navigation of this change.


Staff Augmentation

Government Contracting

CrossGen Solutions offers seasoned professionals from junior level up to C-suite level on an interim basis while searches for permanent positions are filled.  We also have connections with specialists in areas such as Data Governance, CFOs, SEO specialists, etc. that may supplement and complement our client's team.

We are registered to bid on federal government contracts and awaiting confirmation on our Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) designation.  Our company owner has over 20 years experience working on government contracts and understands the complex and often unique requirements to ensure successful delivery.


It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.
— Roy T. Bennett


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